*Co-Clean does not claim to cure or reduce incidence of cancer
"Colon cancer is currently the second leading cancer killer in the United States, with 60,000 Americans expected to die from the disease this year"
"Colon cancer is one of the deadliest diseases to affect Americans...The Early Show medical correspondent Dr. Emily Senay reports that an average of 57,000 Americans die each year from colon cancer..."
Detoxify and Colon Cleanse For A Beautiful Body
Designed with ingredients known or researched to:
  • Increase Your Vitality and Energy
  • Revitalize Skin, Hair and Nails
  • Decrease Constipation
  • Decrease Indigestion and Bloating
  • Promote Weight Loss


"My body felt sluggish every day after coming home from work. I would feel rundown and tired, so I tried Co-Clean to give me the strength I need to keep going. After two weeks of using Co-Clean, I feel like a new person. Throughout the entire day, my body doesn't feel sluggish and I can come home feeling great."
- Anne F., valued employee of Lab88

How Can A Cleaner Colon Help Me Lose Weight Or Look Thinner?

Many people find it difficult to lose weight from their stomach and waistline. While fat does store in that area there are other reasons why flattening the abs is so difficult. Bulges that span across your stomach, hips, and pelvic region are often a direct result from poor colon hygiene, colons that are obstructed or clogged with retained waste and toxins compelling the stomach to protrude outwards. A detoxifying cleanse promotes removing these waste products, encouraging weight loss, resulting with a flatter, non-swollen stomach. By supporting your colon's ability to absorb essential vitamins such as vitamin K, you may help to boost your metabolism.

What To Expect When You Detoxify

During a detoxification process many customers report improved more productive bowel movements. This is normal during a colon detox process and you should not be alarmed. You are simply excreting the waste that has built up over the years. The amount of time after detoxification begins and such excretions occur is different for everyone, as everyone's body is different. It is not uncommon to excrete unusual fecal matter.

It is also normal when detoxifying to seemingly feel worse before you feel better. You may experience feeling tired, headaches, intestinal and digestive stress, and even mood swings during your detoxification. Do not be alarmed. These are indications that the detoxification process has taken effect. You are likely to begin feeling better, energized, revitalized and as time goes on you should feel much a better sense of well-being for longer periods of time.

While continuing to take the supplement it will assist your body in more productive purging of toxins but over time it is important to manage the sources of toxins related to your lifestyle and make any reasonable adjustments possible for your optimal health.

For Best Results While You Detoxify:

Drink Water: Water aids the detoxification process by flushing toxins and wastes from your body as well as helping to transport nutrients to where they are needed. Drink the recommended 8 glasses of cold water a day while detoxifying to help your body maintain healthy toxin levels.

Eat Healthy: Animal protein puts tremendous strain on the digestive system, so minimize intact of meat as much as possible. Try to eat foods that are fresh and raw, avoiding food containing additives and empty calories. Pass up on sugar, salt, saturated fats, caffeine, nicotine and alcohol.

Exercise: It has been shown that cardiovascular exercises will help increase your metabolic rate thus helping to improve your digestive system.

Hot Water: Hot water from steam rooms, saunas and warm baths helps to improve blood flow which aids in the release of toxins. The heat produces sweat and opens up the pores to aid in the excretion of toxins.

Reduce Stress: Practice stress management. Too much stress is harmful to the digestive system and the immune system.

What Makes Co-Clean So Special?

Many companies simply relabeled their laxatives calling them "Detoxifiers". Co-Clean formula contains ingredients that have been researched to assist in the elimination of toxins in the body, boost energy levels and restore vitality.
  • Fennel Seed - this ingredient is so powerful that it is becoming the center of the next wave of Diet Supplements.
  • Ginger and Goldenseal - has been researched to aid in digestion.
  • Cascara Sagrada - often used to help people with bloated and constipated.
  • Senna Extract and Oat Fiber - included to promote diminished bowel irregularity and to maintain normal bowel movements, minimizing constipation.